About Ingmarsö and Brottö
Ingmarsö and Brottö are located in central archipelago of Stockholm region.

The islands were in the past two separate islands but are today one unit due to the upheaval of the land during centuries. It is a vibrant island with around 180 residents all year around. In the summertime the residents increase to some 3000 people. Here you can find agriculture, industries, grocery shop, restaurant, bed and breakfast and guest marina. There are many things to do on the island – walk on the marked trails in the beautiful archipelago scenery, ride Icelandic horse, rent a kayak or bike.

Ingmarsö and Brottö belong to a well-preserved part of the archipelago with small villages, harbor coves and remnants of old cultural landscape – an area classified as national interest for cultural heritage conservation.

On this site you will find information about the island and its history and where you can stay and what you can do here.

Travel to Ingmarsö and Brottö
There are several ways to get to Ingmarsö and Brottö. Regular archipelago boats go all year round. You can usually board in Stockholm or Vaxholm and travel to Ingmarsö South and Brottö, see the map here. Boats departing in town take between two and three hours. If you want to arrive faster, you can take SL bus 438 from Slussen in Stockholm and get on the boat in Boda on Värmdö. Bus schedule shown in the Waxholmsbolaget schedule.

Regular tours are also from Stockholm to Ingmarsö North. The boats go in high season and with limited tours in spring and autumn. For Ingmarsö North, you can also go from Åsättra on Ljusterö. To most tours from Åsättra there are connecting bus no 626 from Danderyd Hospital, see Waxholmsbolaget schedule.

Waxholmsbolaget boats departs from Strömkajen at the Grand Hotel. On the website of Waxholmsbolaget are also the Cinderellaboats scheduled which also operates Ingmarsö South but departing from Strandvägen close to Nybroplan.

Link to Waxholmsbolaget

Link to Cinderella boats

You can also get to Ingmarsö by boat taxi from Åsättra on Ljusterö or Boda Värmdö.

If you are traveling by boat there is a marina at the southern Ingmarsö.

Helpful hints

Many see the boat trip through the beautiful archipelago as part of the experience. The boats are comfortable and have cafés. Tickets are available on board, and you’ll hand them over when you get off. SL’s season tickets do not apply, however, you can use the SL Access credit for several of the boats.

During the high season, there are so many tours that you have time to visit Ingmarsö during the day.

When you go home, be sure to fold up the semafore. The upfolded semafore signals to the skipper that there are travelers.

Welcome to Ingmarsö and Brottö

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